MOTOR REPLACEMENTS, An electric motor is an essential component to help transform electrical energy into efficient mechanical energy. Normally, motors function through the connection of winding currents for force and the magnetic field.


There are motors for every kind of machine. However, there will be times when you should replace the motors and when you need to do so there are specifics you need to know in order to find a replacement...!


MOTOR REPLACEMENTS, Motor are used in diverse applications. Many industries use them in pumps, fans and blowers, machine tools, power tools, household appliances, and disk drives. Power sources may also differ depending upon country and size of the motor used- generators, inverters, AC (alternating current sources from power grids), and DC (direct current from rectifiers, motor vehicles, or batteries).

Electric watches are usually powered by batteries because they have small motors. Ship propellers, pump storage, and pipeline compression require very large electric motors that reach up to 100 megawatts. Motors can be categorized for internal construction, type of motion, and application type among others.

Loudspeakers (transducers) and magnetic solenoids (actuators) change electricity into movement, but they do not produce mechanical power that can be used…!

Right Motor Replacements

MOTOR REPLACEMENTS,  Locate the part numbers,This can be the most accurate way to identify the correct motor to replace yours.
Match the information, Matching the physical dimensions and electrical specifications of your old, defective motor is will help you to find the replacement motor that will fit and work with the machine it is to be used with.
You should take note of the fact that there are companies that make motors for other companies.

Specification Considerations

MOTOR REPLACEMENTS, This consists of the motor’s length/diameter, frame size, shaft’s length/diameter, and the number of shafts.

You should also know if the motor is TEAO (totally enclosed air over), ODP (open drip-proof), or TEFC (totally enclosed, fan-cooled).
Every motor has a specific type of mounting,It can have a cradle base, through-bolts, belly band, or rigid based. You should also know if the mounting is horizontal or vertical.
Additional specifications,This involves the type of motor (capacitor start, PSC [permanent split capacitor], or shaded pole), the sleeve or ball bearing, and the motor attachment or application.!